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Welcome to Our New Website!

For over 20 years, we’ve been busy providing you and your loved ones with the best hearing possible—and to be honest, our website was beginning to feel a little outdated. But before embarking on a new website design, we wanted to clear on exactly why we would invest our time into this project. The purpose of our new website needed to align with the mission of our hearing clinics: to help clients learn about hearing loss and provide a place where they can freely submit questions knowing that we are here to truly help. After many months of design and review, we are excited to have you here!

Learn About Hearing Loss

Our priority was to design this site so that it will help to educate and inform. As a result, we have dedicated an entire section of the website to help you learn about hearing loss. Learn about the different parts of your ear and how our brains translate what we hear into meaning. Identify what may be an early sign of hearing loss. Understand more about vertigo, tinnitus, and ear wax in relation to hearing loss, and more! Our goal is to continuously expand this section to help every client learn more about hearing loss.

Get the Latest On Hearing Aid Technology

Being hearing aid technicians at heart, staying abreast of the latest hearing aid technology means everything to us. Our Types of Hearing Aids section provides you with everything you need to know about the latest hearing aid technology. If it’s new technology that actually works to make your hearing more clear, we will be the first to showcase it in this section.

Ask A Question!

We know that hearing loss can be daunting and finding an answer that is unique to your situation is not easy. That’s why we designed our new website with a “Have A Question” button (located at the top of the webpage). No matter where you are on our website, the “Have A Question” button is always available on top, giving you the ability to ask a question at any time!

Easily Find A Clinic Near You!

Not being able to find consistent care for your hearing aid is frustrating! We started the Hearing Clinic Group as a way to provide consistent service and care to our clients, from Scarborough all the way to St. Catharines. Our new website now makes it easy to find and book an appointment with a clinic nearest you. Find a hearing clinic now!

We hope you like our new website. We look forward to growing it with you!

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