Our Services for Better Hearing

For over 20 years, the Hearing Clinic Group has been serving Toronto, the GTA, and the Golden Horseshoe. Our goal is simple: to provide every client with the best hearing loss treatment services possible. Whether it is yourself or a loved one who is coping with hearing loss, our services will help renew your ability to hear clearly.

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Hearing Test

Wondering if you need a Hearing Test? If you are experiencing any of these following symptoms with your hearing, book a free Hearing Test with us now!

Adjusting Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid Adjustment and Repair

Need to adjust or repair your hearing aid? Start hearing clearly again by visiting one of our clinics and get it fixed!

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Wax Removal

Don’t remove ear wax yourself with Q-Tips or DIY Kits. Trust our clinic to remove ear wax build-up that’s making you uncomfortable and at risk to hearing loss!

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Support Services

Are you eligible for hearing aid coverage through WSIB, Veterans Affairs or ODSP? We can help!

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