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Are you feeling a fullness in your ear and everything you’re hearing seems a bit muffled? Or do you feel a sudden loss in hearing after swimming or showering? These are all signs of ear wax build-up.

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How Does Ear Wax Occur?

Ear wax in the ear is normal! Our ear canals actually self-clean: small hairs in the ear canal move ear wax and shedded skin towards the entrance of the canal. However, if the small hairs are missing or if the ear canal shape is too narrow, this can result in a build-up of ear wax that gives you the feeling of hearing loss and it will require removing.

Microsuction Earwax Removal at Our Clinic

Book a session at our clinic for proficient microsuction earwax removal. In a mere 10 minutes, our skilled team will expertly and safely eliminate any earwax buildup using the dry microsuction technique. To ensure optimal results, we suggest softening your earwax 7 days before the appointment with either specialized drops or baby oil. Simply tilt your head, apply 10-15 drops, press the earlobe to let the solution engage the wax, and hold for 45 minutes before cleaning the external residue. This preparatory step enhances the swift and cautious extraction process our technicians are renowned for, emphasizing the health and integrity of your ear. Microsuction stands out for its efficacy, speed, and prioritization of ear health.


  • Use oil drops only if you are sure wax is blocking, if unsure, consult your family doctor for directions.
  • If both ears have wax, apply oil in one ear in the evening and oil in the second ear the morning after.

Reviews from our customers

Everyone should do a earwax removal. You never know what will come out Eddie is so efficient and professional. Recommended!

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