Musician Ear Plugs

If you’re a musician, you’ll want to make sure you can hear the sound of your music; however, prolonged exposure to loud sounds can damage the hair cells in your inner ears, potentially leading to hearing loss. By using musician’s ear plugs, you can reduce harmful sounds without distorting the vocals or music.


What are Musician Ear Plugs?

Musician ear plugs can be either ready-fit or customer made to protect your hearing while maintaining the quality and clarity of music. They are designed to reduce sound levels by up to 26dB so that the harmful noise that can cause damage to your ears is controlled while the quality and richness of the music is preserved. Whether you are a music artist, DJ, part of a sound crew, or an avid concert-goer, musician ear plugs will help you protect your ears.

Frequently Asked Questions About Musician Ear Plugs

What are Musician Ear Plugs made of?

Musician ear plugs are made from a soft silicone that’s comfortable in the ear and made to last for years.

How much noise do Musician Ear Plugs block out?

Depending on the style you choose, musician ear plugs can block out anywhere from 10 dB to 26dB.

How do I order Musician Ear Plugs from your clinic?

It’s very easy! Simply book an appointment with us. During your visit, we will take impressions of your ear canals. Using the impressions, the musician ear plugs will be created to precisely fit your ear. It usually takes two weeks from the date of the appointment to have the musician ear plugs custom-made for you.

What if the Musician Ear Plugs don’t fit right?

Once receiving your musician ear plugs, you’ll have 30 days to try them out. If you feel they don’t fit right, we will take your ear canal impressions and create a new set for you.

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