Do You Need A Hearing Test?

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Are you experiencing any of these symptoms with your hearing?

  • Sounds such as speech seem muffled to you
  • You find it difficult to have a conversation in a restaurant or other noisy places
  • Sometimes, you can’t hear high-pitched sounds like a doorbell or alarm clock
  • You’re constantly turning up the volume on your TV or radio
  • You often sense ringing in your ears
  • You find it painful behind or at the back of your ear

If you feel any of a combination of these symptoms, it may be a sign of early hearing loss caused by noise. Your first step is to visit us for a Hearing Test; it’s completely free for ages 55 and up.

What Should I Expect During a Hearing Test?

When you arrive at one of our clinics for a Hearing Test, you should expect to be here for one hour. Your Hearing Test will consist of three parts: An Interview, an Examination, and the Hearing Assessment.

Step 1: The Interview

To begin an assessment of your hearing, the first step is to understand your situation. We ask you questions about your work habits and lifestyle, as well as your family’s health history as related to hearing loss so that we can determine the extent of your hearing impairment. Through this simple conversation, we can learn how your current hearing health is affecting you and put together a recommendation for improving your hearing after receiving the results from the examination and hearing test.

Step 2: The Examination

Next, our hearing care professional will conduct a physical examination on your ear, looking inside to see if there are visible signs that can explain your sudden hearing loss. While examining your ear canal and eardrum, we’ll look for common obstructions that lead to conductive hearing loss such as fluid and ear wax.

Step 3: The Hearing Test

The final step is the Hearing Test itself. It includes pure-tone and speech audiometry. This is a set of simple tests that ask you to wear a set of earphones in a quiet and sound dampened testing room. Much like an eye exam, you will be prompted to identify tones and speech as they are broadcasted through the headphones. These tests help us determine what frequencies you can hear and the limit of your most comfortable listening level. A similar test is also performed to gage how well you can hear in noisy environments.

If required, a test will be performed to check your acoustic reflexes. We evaluate your middle ear with a tympanometer that sends a puff of air and sound to the eardrum. How the eardrum responds to this test allows us to see if any issues exist in the middle ear.

After finishing a Hearing Test, many clients tell us that it is one of the more relaxing experiences they’ve had in a long time. We believe that it’s not only because the Hearing Test is easy and stress free; we can sense that our clients are naturally happier because they finally see a solution for their hearing loss on the horizon. And our clinic is proud to be a part of their journey towards better hearing!

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Mr. Chow is very helpful. He gave us details of hearing report and gave us useful recommendations. I will definitely recommend visiting him.

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