There is a wide assortment of styles and technologies available in hearing aids today. The type that is most suitable for you is determined by your degree of hearing loss and your lifestyle. After a complete hearing test, you and your hearing health care provider will discuss the various options that would work the best for you.

Does Hearing Loss Affect Your Balance?

When we think about ear problems, we seldom associate it with our ability to walk, stand or keep our balance. But we should! Sometimes, problems we experience with our ears can cause more than just hearing loss—they can also play a part in creating balance orders. Your Ears and BalanceOur balance is primarily maintained by [...] Read More

How Do I Clean and Maintain My Hearing Aid?

Finally! Your hearing is much clearer now with your new hearing aid. The next thing you want to be sure of is that you’re keeping your hearing aid clean. Hearing aids are powerful devices made up of a few intricate parts. And let’s face it: they work because they are in your ear for most [...] Read More

Which Hearing Aid is Best for Me?

Are you about to choose your first hearing aid? Or thinking to switch to a different type to better suit your lifestyle? Clients are often overwhelmed by the different types of hearing aids available in the market today. So we’ve put together this comparison to explain how each differs from one another, including their pros […]

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Our Kingsway Clinic has moved!

Our Kingsway Hearing Clinic has moved just hop, skip and jump away from: 3101 Bloor Street West to 2425 Bloor St. W., Unit 201 Toronto, ON M6S 4W4 Learn more about our Kingsway Hearing Clinic here.    

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Do I Need a Hearing Test

Am I losing my hearing? Do I need a hearing test? This is a common question for many of our clients who feel they are experiencing early signs of hearing loss. The first step to treating hearing loss is with a Hearing Test; however, we understand that starting the journey to better hearing is always […]

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Superior Sound Quality Even In Motion: Meet the Signia Pure Charge&Go X

Signia Pure Charge&Go X : Key Features With the Signia Pure Charge&Go X, you’ll be wearing one of the most advanced hearing aids available today that includes these key features: Signia Xperience, the first hearing aid platform with acoustic-motion sensors to enable the best hearing possible while the wearer is in movement Own Voice Processing […]

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Welcome to Our New Website!

For over 20 years, we’ve been busy providing you and your loved ones with the best hearing possible—and to be honest, our website was beginning to feel a little outdated. But before embarking on a new website design, we wanted to clear on exactly why we would invest our time into this project. The purpose […]

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