Hearing Care

The Vital Link Between Hearing Health and Cognitive Wellness

At the Hearing Clinic Group, we're committed to not just enhancing your hearing, but also to educating our community about the broader implications of hearing loss. Recent studies underscore a crucial connection between hearing health and cognitive function, shedding light on why addressing hearing loss is more important than ever. Research published in the Alzheimer's [...] Read More

Understanding Hearing Health in the Age of Advanced Technology

At the Hearing Clinic Group, we're facing new challenges due to the impact of modern technology on hearing health. The rise in exposure to high-intensity sounds, both from daily activities and technological advancements, has increased the risks to our auditory well-being. Key Points to Consider:1. Everyday SoundsRegular exposure to everyday noises, such as household appliances [...] Read More

Reasons for Seeing an Audiologist or Hearing Specialist

Are you experiencing a sudden loss in hearing or worried that your ability to hear may have recently been affected? Before getting hearing aids, you should first visit a hearing care professional such as an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist. They are trained to help identify hearing loss and recommend the most suitable treatment for [...] Read More

Does Shingles Cause Hearing Loss?

Shingles, also known as herpes zoster, is a viral infection that affects nerves and causes a painful rash that can occur anywhere on the body. The virus that causes shingles is the same virus that causes chickenpox (called the varicella-zoster virus). Based on studies, while there is a potential link between shingles and hearing loss, [...] Read More

Why Are My Hearing Aids Whistling?

Hearing aids are wonderful devices that help many of us with hearing loss continue to communicate with the world around us. However, sometimes these devices can produce an unwanted whistling sound. Many clients come to us and ask why their hearing aids are whistling. In general, hearing aids whistle, due to feedback--and there are three [...] Read More

10 Questions to Ask your Hearing Professional

Do you suspect that you have hearing loss and are interested to know what are the best questions to ask your hearing professional when you finally have your appointment? Your hearing professional is really an invaluable resource when facing the possibility of hearing loss for the first time. Knowing the right questions to ask your [...] Read More

Can viruses cause hearing loss?

We commonly associate hearing loss with exposure to loud noises or old age. But did you know that hearing loss can also occur due to infections caused by viruses? These infections have an effect on the cochlea, the blood vessels in the ear or other parts of the body that relate to hearing, potentially causing [...] Read More

Will My Hearing Aid Work in A Noisy Environment?

Are you facing a challenge understanding those speaking around you when there is a lot of background noise? We know that hearing loss is already a challenge--coupled with background noise, it can be hard and exhausting to hear in these environments. If you are struggling to hear when wearing your hearing aid in a noisy [...] Read More

Sudden Hearing Loss – Is It A Cause For Concern?

In short, yes! Sudden hearing loss, known as sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) should be treated as a medical emergency. While many people often downplay sudden hearing loss as temporary or situational, it should be taken seriously. SSNHL usually only affects one ear and occurs in a span of three days or less. It is [...] Read More

How Do I Support a Parent with Hearing Loss?

Are you concerned because you’ve recently noticed your mother or father having difficulty understanding words when in a noisy environment? Is he or she muffling their speech or asking you to speak more slowly or loudly? You suspect that they may be experiencing the first signs of hearing loss; and you’re probably right. But bringing [...] Read More