About Us

To Help Every Client Attain the Best Hearing Possible

Having first started my career 30 years ago working for a hearing aid manufacturer, I have been operating the Hearing Clinic Group of hearing clinics for the last 20 years—and helping those suffering from hearing loss has become the greater part of my life. I know that when hearing loss is left untreated it can be debilitating, and my passion is in helping each and every one of my clients hear the best that they can, and continue living the lifestyle they enjoy.

“If I can’t make your hearing aid perfect—the clearest possible—then no one else can.”

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We Guarantee You the Clearest Hearing Possible

How do we guarantee that you will have the clearest hearing possible? The difference is in how we conduct our hearing tests.

Most hearing clinics use a first fit method (a hearing loss configuration that meets the listening needs of a large group of people who require hearing aids). You can imagine that this “one size fits all” approach cannot possibly address the unique hearing requirements your ear needs. Instead, our testing and adjustment method breaks down sound into layers, allowing you to differentiate what you hear, resulting in the best and clearest hearing possible.

When you step into one of our clinics in Toronto, the GTA, and the Golden Horseshoe area, you will immediately feel our passion: our hearing assessment is free, and we offer a 60-day trial to make sure your hearing is improved! Once you come through our doors, we know that our job is to keep you as a client and provide a continuity in care. We strive to make everyone happy with their hearing!

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