Problems with your hearing aid?

Experiencing issues with your hearing aid? Here are answers to some of the most popular questions our clients have about their hearing aids. Don’t forget that we offer a complimentary hearing aid adjustment, cleaning and repair service for the lifetime of the product. Just give us a call!

Common problems when hearing aids don’t work

Hearing aid whistling (Feedback)

A hearing aid that whistles is mainly caused from a poor fit, too loose or not properly inserted into the ear. A remake of the hearing aid will take care of this issue.

Hearing aid hurts the ear

If a hearing aid is too tight it will sometimes cause pressure in the ear/hit a pressure point in the ear and cause it to hurt. A new impression and a remake of the hearing aid will improve the situation.

Hearing aid falls out of the ear

If a hearing aid falls out of the ear, it is usually caused from it being too loose or not inserted properly. A remake of the hearing aid is in order.

Hearing aid volume level comfortable but unable to distinguish the words

A number of reasons could be causing this, but possibly the main reason is not enough power in the frequency. An adjustment to increase the gain will resolve this.

Trouble hearing the conversation in a small group or mild noise environment

In an average noise environment if you are unable to hear the conversation well, it’s because the hearing aid is mixing all the sounds together along with voices/words. In order to resolve this problem we must separate all the sounds into different layers of sounds allowing your nerve to understand the words.

Hearing an echo with the hearing aid when people are speaking

There are two main reasons that you might hear an echo with a hearing aid when people are talking: 1) too much power and 2) not enough venting in the hearing aid. It is best to try to reduce the power first before you try to increase the vent size.

Hearing an echo with the hearing aid when I talk

This is a common issue. This is a natural effect when something is blocking your canal. Some people may notice it more than others. Some professionals may suggest making the hearing aid canal longer. It has been our experience that only a small percentage of our clients find this helpful. We find that making a larger vent will improve it tremendously

Hearing aid sounds too tinny

If your hearing aid is too tinny, this is caused from too much high frequency gain in the hearing aid or possibly the hearing aid is distorted. Reducing the high frequency gain will take care of this. If the hearing aid is distorted a repair with the manufacturer is a must.

Ambient noise sounds too loud

You should hear ambient noise just like everyone. When the ambient noise is too loud, please see your hearing specialist to reduce the power of/to the ambient noise frequency that will help a great deal.

Water running and paper crumpling sound is too loud

Water running and paper crumpling will sound loud to a hearing aid user. This is characteristic of the microphone of the hearing aid. We can only calm it down by reducing the loud sounds of the hearing aid.

Not hearing children and women’s voices speech clearly

Women and children’s voices generally are in the high frequency of sounds. When you don’t hear women or children’s voices, increase the high frequency power and this will improve the sound.

Ear is itchy when using a hearing aid

Having an itchy ear while wearing a hearing aid is normal. Your ear treats it as a foreign object in your canal so you will want to scratch it out of your canal. The only thing you can do is to become accustomed to it.

Cannot hear telephone conversation well

Hearing a conversation on the telephone with a hearing aid is always a challenge. Custom made hearing aids are the best for the phone without any accessories. Using accessories such as Bluetooth, streaming, and T-coil can be very helpful.

Cutlery and dishes sound too loud

Cutlery and dishes can be very bothersome for a hearing aid user. We can reduce the loud sounds of the hearing aid to make it sound more normal.

Unable to hear conversation in restaurant, but can hear sound from surrounding tables

This is a common complaint among hearing aid users. To fix this, we need to make the hearing aid emit sounds that are based on the incoming sound’s distance. Another is to increase the volume if the incoming sound is close or reduce the volume if the incoming sound is far away.

Unable to hear TV well at normal volume level

If you are not hearing your TV well at a normal volume level, all you need to do is increase the power to the high frequency level.

Hearing aid has no sound (Dead)

If the hearing aid has no sound, check the battery to make sure it is good, and then check if wax or debris is blocking the microphone or the receiver of the hearing aid. If everything looks okay, then the hearing aid will need to be sent away for repair.

Hearing traffic noise too loud and is covering up conversation

Hearing a conversation through the noise of traffic is almost impossible. Again, we can separate the traffic noise from speech sounds. We can also lower the traffic noise frequency. As a result, this should improve your ability to understand a conversation through the traffic noise.

Cannot hear conversation in the car

Hearing a conversation in the car is difficult with road noise from outside covering up the conversation. To solve this, we can adjust the hearing aid so that it separates the road noise from the sound of voices. Once these are separated, you will be better able to hear the conversation.

Unable to hear a Church service or a speech in a seminar

Hearing a church sermon or a seminar speech is difficult for a hearing aid user. The best solution would be to use an accessory such as a remote microphone. Another option is to be seated closer to the speaker.
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