Bilateral Hearing Aids

Similar to our eyes, our brain is wired to receive signals from both ears in order to accurately perceive the sounds of our environment. When you experience hearing loss in both ears, we recommend that you wear two hearing aids. Your bilateral hearing loss may be symmetrical (loss is the same in both ears) or asymmetrical (the loss in both ears is not the same). When you are faced with this situation, two ears are truly better than one—and bilateral hearing aids are the best way to help you hear clearly in both ears.

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Benefits of Bilateral Hearing Aids

  • Better sound quality (hearing in stereo instead of mono)
  • Improved sound localization (you’re able to tell where sounds are coming from)
  • Ability to hear better amidst background noise
  • Hear soft sounds better (children and nature sounds)
  • Less straining and more balance: you won’t feel fatigued straining to listen from one ear or using your “good” ear to hear

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