Signs of Hearing Loss: What Are the Symptoms?

Whether you are worried about early signs of hearing loss or you think your loved one’s ability to hear is changing, it is important to know what the signs of hearing loss are and watch for them early, so that you get help earlier.

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Common Signs of Hearing Loss

Changes in hearing don’t happen overnight–there are usually early signs that signal the onset of hearing loss. By paying attention to the following first signs, you or your loved one can get help sooner to treat hearing loss.

Do You or Your Loved One:

  • Frequently request to have words or sentences repeated or misunderstand these words or sentences?
  • Find it hard to hear children’s or women’s voices?
  • Find it beneficial to pay attention to a speaker’s lip movement to understand what they’re saying?
  • Frequently ask to have the TV, radio, or cell phone volume all the way up?
  • Have difficulty in distinguishing words while talking amongst large groups or noisy environments?
  • Constantly hear ringing, crackling,or buzzing (constant noise) in the ears?
  • Feel tired after listening in noisy environments or attending social events?
  • Feel your ears are clogged and muffled?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the early signs of hearing loss questions above, you may be affected by hearing loss.

What Should I Do If I’m Experiencing These Hearing Loss Symptoms?

Don’t worry! Over 3 million Canadians are affected by hearing loss. The earlier you assess your hearing, the easier it is to help you hear better!

The first thing we suggest to our clients is to take our quick Online Hearing Quiz. The result of the quiz will give you an indication of whether or not you really have hearing loss. From there, we advise that we confirm an appointment at one of our clinics closest to you to have a full hearing assessment conducted.

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