Need A Hearing Aid Adjustment or Repair?

Having trouble with your hearing aid all of a sudden?

We’re here to help. Our clinic offers crucial services to maintain and optimize your hearing aid’s performance. This includes regular adjustments and cleaning, essential for clear hearing. Plus, we provide free consultations to address any of your hearing aid concerns.

Adjusting Hearing Aid

How Do Hearing Aid Adjustments Work?

Our clinic is here to support you long after you purchase your hearing aid from us. And if you currently have trouble with your hearing aid, but didn’t purchase it from us, we’re here to help too! Your hearing aid needs regular maintenance and cleaning. In addition to this, the settings on your hearing aid needs to be adjusted so that they match the changes in your hearing over time. Regular follow-up appointments with our clinic ensures that your hearing aid is adjusted at the right levels, allowing you to get the most out of your hearing aid.

How Do I Get My Hearing Aid Repaired?

When your hearing aid stops working properly, it hinders your everyday life. Our clinics provide repair services to help you get your hearing aid fixed as soon as possible. Many repairs are often simple, and can be fixed while you wait at our clinic. For repairs due to more severe damage, we’ll send your hearing aid back quickly to the manufacturer for repair, and in some cases, even provide you with a loaner hearing aid until your hearing aid returns from repair.

Types of hearing loss

There are four types of hearing loss; Conductive, Sensorineural, Mixed and Central. If any part of the hearing system is unable to function the result is hearing loss.

Reviews from our customers

Mr. Chow, you really know about what suffering of the hard hearing people like me. I am totally satisfied with the devices you provided which make my life easier. Thanks a lot.

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