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How hearing aids can alleviate tinnitus symptoms


Tinnitus, often manifesting as a continuous ringing or buzzing in the ears, frequently accompanies hearing loss and can significantly impact daily life. At the Hearing Clinic Group, we are committed to helping our patients understand and manage their tinnitus symptoms effectively.

Understanding Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Tinnitus is not just about ear health; it’s largely a brain-centric issue. It often develops when there is a decrease in auditory inputs due to hearing loss. This lack usually prompts the brain to overcompensate by generating phantom sounds—such as ringing or buzzing. This condition can become more pronounced in quieter environments or during periods of stress.

How Hearing Aids Can Assist

Hearing aids play a crucial role in managing tinnitus by addressing its root cause—often associated with hearing loss:

1. Augmenting Auditory Input:

Hearing aids work by amplifying external sounds which can help divert the brain’s focus away from tinnitus. This additional stimulation can effectively drown out the internal sounds of tinnitus, providing much-needed relief.

2. Enhancing Background Noise:

By boosting the volume of environmental noises, hearing aids can make the tinnitus less noticeable. This is particularly helpful in settings that are otherwise quiet, where tinnitus tends to stand out more prominently.

3. Reducing Stress:

Enhanced hearing reduces the strain of struggling to hear conversations and ambient sounds, lowering stress levels. Since stress can exacerbate tinnitus symptoms, using hearing aids to improve overall hearing health can indirectly help manage tinnitus as well.

Getting Started with a Hearing Test

The journey to better managing tinnitus begins with a comprehensive hearing test. This evaluation helps us understand the extent of hearing loss and the specific characteristics of your tinnitus. Based on the results, we can recommend the most suitable hearing aids to address both hearing loss and tinnitus symptoms.

If you’re dealing with tinnitus and suspect hearing loss, don’t wait. Contact the Hearing Clinic Group today to schedule a hearing test. Our dedicated team of audiologists is ready to assist you with personalized care, ensuring you can experience improved hearing and reduced tinnitus symptoms.

Ready for your free hearing test, it’s completely free for ages 55 and up. Book an appointment with us!


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