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Do I Need a Hearing Test

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Am I losing my hearing? Do I need a hearing test?

This is a common question for many of our clients who feel they are experiencing early signs of hearing loss. The first step to treating hearing loss is with a Hearing Test; however, we understand that starting the journey to better hearing is always the most difficult (and confusing). So we decided to share with you a list of the six most common signs that you may need a hearing test.

Common Sign #1: Asking people to repeat what they said

“Sorry, what was that?”

Do you find yourself asking someone to repeat themselves more often because you are struggling to hear and understand what they are saying? Are you experiencing this with different people, yet they all sound like they are mumbling? Asking those around you to repeat what they are saying is often the most telltale sign that you need a hearing test. This is especially true if you find high-pitched sounds such as voices of children and women difficult to hear.

Common Sign #2: Turning up the volume

Are you turning up the volume on your television, radio or smartphone? Are those around you asking why you’ve turned up the volume so loud? These situations may indicate that your hearing has declined. Don’t ignore how you’ve tried to naturally adjust for this slight loss of hearing by increasing the volume. Sometimes, it can just be ear wax buildup. Having a hearing test can help answer these questions.

Common Sign #3: Can’t hear telephone, doorbell or alarm sounds

Are you completely missing telephone calls, doorbell rings or your wake-up alarm from your alarm clock? A common sign of early hearing loss is the failure to hear certain pitches and tones—and these tones are often associated with the high pitched sounds of your telephone, doorbell, and alarm. If missing these sounds and alerts is becoming a regular occurrence, you may need a hearing test.

Common Sign #4: It’s hard to hear clearly in noisy places

Do you find it becoming increasingly difficult to hear when you’re in a crowded restaurant, in a moving car or at a lively party? With the addition of noise in the background, speech is naturally difficult to process. But with early signs of hearing loss, you’ll notice that it is becoming harder to understand what someone is saying when there is noise in the background. If you are experiencing this situation, a hearing test will help identify early signs of hearing loss.

Common Sign #5: Twisting my my neck or cupping my ear to hear better

Are you having to twist your neck or reposition your body just so you can hear things more clearly? Or have you started cupping your ear to drown out background noise as a way to hear better? Both of these ways you have adopted in order to improve your hearing is often a sign of early hearing loss. If you find yourself using these measures, a hearing test will help.

Common Sign #6: Ringing in my ears

The last common sign telling you that you need to take a hearing test is when you experience a ringing sound in your ears that doesn’t go away. This is called Tinnitus. You may be experiencing the ringing (anything from a low roar to a high squeal) in one or both ears. This noise may be present all the time or comes and goes. The fact is the ringing is there and interferes with your concentration or ability to hear sounds. If you are experiencing this constant ringing in your ears, then a hearing test is definitely your next course of action.

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