Your hearing loss is as unique as your fingerprint – and your hearing aids can be too. With the help of a hearing care professional, you can find a hearing aid that suits your hearing, your life, and your style.

Why Choose Widex?

Passionately committed to bringing sounds to life

The sounds that connect you to your life are important. Even the slightest loss of hearing may have huge impact on your experience of the world – distancing you from the people, connections and experiences you love.

For more than 65 years, Widex has been passionately committed to developing hearing solutions that bring sounds to life – with a sound like no other.

Widex Moment™ – Natural sound like no other

Even a great hearing aid has always sounded like a hearing aid – until now.

The revolutionary Widex Moment changes the game to deliver the most pure, natural sound ever. Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid reaches the eardrum later than sound heard directly. And when these two ‘out of sync’ signals mix, you get an artificial sound.

But now you can hear every moment – like you used to. We call this new sound experience, PureSound™.

Built to last

Widex’s hearing aids is designed to reduce the risk of moisture damage. Because less corrosion means more durability. You’ll welcome advanced water-resistant nano coating, durable microphones and smart engineering. When there’s no battery door, there are also fewer gaps for moisture to sneak into.

Connectivity is just a swipe away

Great sound isn’t just about great hearing aids. It’s about making connections. From streaming phone calls directly to your hearing aid to listening to music – our apps and accessories let you hear and connect with the world around you.

Direct streaming capabilities in your hearing aids let you hear the world – and connect with it. Enjoy TV sound through your hearing aids, customize your hearing through our apps, or get remote care from your hearing care professional.

Rechargeability is discreet

The hassles of hearing aid batteries are over. With rechargeable hearing aids, you can have the power you need to hear every moment via a small and simple charger.

Not sure which hearing aid is for you?

With over 20 years of experience helping clients across Toronto, GTA, and the Golden Horseshoe area, we’re here to help. In fact, we guarantee that we can help you attain the best hearing possible.

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