Open Fit Hearing Aids

Open fit hearing aids are small devices placed behind the ear with a slim tube attached to the device and inserted down the ear canal. They are non-occluding. This style is good for people with a high frequency hearing loss or mild to moderate hearing loss. They help you hear better when background noise is present.

Signia Xperience Styletto-X Assistant
Signia Xperience Styletto-X Assistant

Benefits of Open Fit Hearing Aids

  • Less visible than traditional Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aids
  • Suitable for high frequency hearing loss
  • Performs well in background noise
  • Wearer’s perception of their own voice does not sound “plugged up” since the hearing aid does not close off the ear canal
  • A better choice for wearers who experience frequent buildup of earwax

Other types of hearing aids

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