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Hearing Quiz

This checklist will help you determine whether you are experiencing hearing problems. The questions relate to everyday listening situations where many people could experience difficulties hearing clearly.


Please take your time to answer the questions, perhaps together with a close friend or family member who might have commented on your hearing ability.



Yes No
When watching television with others, do you need to set the volume higher than they would to hear what is being said?
Do you often need to ask people to repeat what they have said?
Do you often feel that other people are 'mumbling' or speaking unclearly?
Do you often have trouble understanding a conversation when there is background noise or other people are talking at the same time?
Have your family members / colleagues / friends asked you whether you have a hearing problem?
Do you avoid parties and social events because there is too much noise or you can't hear what people are saying?
During conversations in a car, a restaurant, or another noisy place, do you often misunderstand what is being said?
Do you feel stressed or tired when you have had to talk or listen for long periods?
Do you need to sit close to the speakers at meetings, religious services, or at the dinner table in order to understand?
Do you often experience problems hearing and understanding what other people are saying to you when you do not have eye contact?
Do you often find it hard to localize the source of sounds?


If your answer was "Yes" 1 to 3 times:

The results from your hearing check indicate that you have hearing difficulties in special situations. This happens to all of us from time to time, but if you experience these problems often / regularly, you may have hearing loss.


If your answer was "Yes" 4 to 6 times:

The results from your hearing check suggest that you have difficulties hearing in a number of situations and indicate a likely hearing loss.


If your answer was "Yes" 7 to 11 times:

The results from your hearing check strongly indicate that you have hearing loss.




We would advise that if you have answered yes to more than 3 questions, you call us for a full hearing assessment by our certified audiologist.

Please contact us for more information.